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Medium Format Magazine - NEW ISSUE!

We kick off the June issue with high dose of adrenaline. Michael Clark takes us deep into the craft of sport and adventure photography. A must-read interview!

What is image quality? In the first article of the series, Lloyd Chambers gives us some pointers on the topic.

Derek Makishima takes us along on a ride in a very special Mazda Miata, with his camera in the trunk, of course. Make sure to wear your seatbelt!

Next, I share some thoughts on how to manage social media.

In this month’s GALLERY we bring you a selection of images from Yellowstone National Park by Edward Riddell.

Hans Strand
is known for his landscape work, but he doesn’t shy away from other topics. Today we bring you his special project titled, “Père Lachaise and Whisperings From the Past.”

In the final pages of the June issue, architectural photographer Barry Grossman invites us to attend his upcoming architectural workshop.

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Olaf first picked up a camera thirty-five years ago. Since then his passion for “seeing” has become a lifetime journey with photography. Widely known as a visual poet, Olaf’s unique eye and relentless pursuit of visual simplicity allows him to...
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Well-known member
Hello Olaf
... is it now possible to have the text contributions translated automatically -
or is this still strictly forbidden?


Well-known member
... I couldn't do it Olaf!

I had already subscribed to "MEDIUMFORMAT" and it was not possible to translate the text automatically.
I assumed it was because it was protected - or was it?
I also couldn't copy your text to try it with other translation programmes.

I cancelled my subscription because of this and gave this as the reason,
but received no further response from you.

So I'm all the more pleased to read from you today.

What du you mean exactly ...
Everyone can translate the text.