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Meike Battery grip for Sony A7/R/S

Stefan Steib

Active member
Today I got my new Meike MK-AR7 2.4g Wireless Control Battery Grip for Sony A7 A7r A7s, similar as VG-C1EM, but with Radio Remote trigger / timer, very cool ! Works nicely, logical functions - 80€ !
Best feature so far: it works for single shots even when the grip is not on !
And you can set delay instantly plus all the functions so far are very easy to get and set. Whereas the iPhone/Android app may work as well , this speeds up things incredibly ! The haptics is OK, I also tried to bend or move the screwed connection to the body, it is no more nor less stable than the original. 1:1 on stability. But clear winner on features and the remote is just great. .....another part to loose... :)

Wow - well done China ! :clap:

Stefan Steib

Active member
As I said before: Build is quite good for the money. Maybe a bit simpler than the Sony Original, but for the price absolutely convincing.
Mechanical top. Same fit, no wiggle. OK !