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Merry Christmas to the kind Folks Here


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My wife and I have made our own cards every year for 62 years. Originally we made 100 cards in my darkroom using Kodak 8" x 10" "Folding Weight" paper. When I switched to digital, I made color cards on my desktop Epson printer. Now I design the original and have Over Night Prints Company make us 250 5.5" x 8.5" color cards cheaper and faster than I can do here at home. The significance of the shack on our card is that it was an icon on the causeway which , as our kids said "we are almost there", meaning the beach was only several miles away. Super Storm Sandy wiped it out and it is gone forever.

Merry Christmas

Dave & Sharon Gurtcheff

Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ

XMAS CARD 2021 SMALL JPG web size .jpg

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Merry Christmas, Dave & Sharon!:)

It’s really great to get to know you both and get a little glimpse of your work through your posts. Love the shack, snd the story behind it is a warm reminder of our own vacations when our own kids were very young. Thanks for the memories too!:):):)

Steve Hendrix

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Over the years, this place has been a great destination and a rare community, and today it remains so. A nice end of year Christmas wish just brings that all home. Merry Christmas Dave!

Steve Hendrix/CI
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Thanks all for the replies. I love this place. Everyone is a gentleman (or lady!). Your work and posts inspire me to get out and photograph. I will me 85 in February and sometimes need a little kick to get going!

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On Christmas Eve Eve, I am grateful for each and every person in this community. Since becoming an active member on the forum in 2017, I have been inspired and excited about our passion of photography as never before. :)

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Be safe and be well!:)

And of course, a couple of holiday images from around our little home:



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Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all the inspiring pictures and kind spirit in this forum. In a year with health issues it has been always a welcome escape and pleasure to come here and be inspired by your work.

Ricoh GR II