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Metering CFV II 50c and 503CW


Active member
I would like to hear how you meter when mounting a digital back (CFV II 50c) on a film body like Hasselblad 503CW.

With film, I spot-meter the darkest area and put it in Zone III. With digital (CFV), I spot-meter the brightest area and put it in Zone VII. The playback histogram can lead to fine-tuning exposure, but a live histogram would be quite useful in this situation.


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1) I use a spot meter or the meter in the PME51 and meter at a mid tone color.
2) I make a sample shot, look at the histogram, and adjust as necessary.
3) Then I take brackets because every so often they can be beneficial either for a different look or as a file copy.


If you're as persnickety as I, first use a gray card for exposure calculation and then the gray card image in post for color accuracy.