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MFDB fun


Hard to believe, but this group is in the SAME MBA class as the fellows above;)
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Jim Stone

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I'll join the second group thanks ! LOL! Very nice image. What lens, ISO, etc ? Handheld or on a tripod ? And to continue, which tripod do u use with the and ballhead with the Alpa? Keep posting these great images !

Jim on an iPhone


Dear JIm
I did this day shoot with Aboud Dweck. We used my Contax 645 p45+ with 35-80mm (55mm for some shots, 35 mm for the 'on the ground ' shot

In the first Aboud volunteered to lay down (tired I guess :) and we tried without flash
terrible due to back light. I happened to have my 380 contax flash an Gary Fong diffuser. Worked like a charm. The guys were actually on two benches; even the 35mm wasnt wide enough from ground to face.

The interiors were with two profoto heads. In this one, the side head was weaker because we wanted some shots with soft shaddows.

May actually mask and drop in a different background.
I am learing a lot about lighting, and Abouds Acute setup was good as we had power at this location. I may actually but the B2 or Pro 7 for field work



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you can get in a lot of trouble in teh front row of a scrum ..but yu can get into a LOT more trouble with some of those MBA's LOL


yes here it is
got lost in the early 'pix limits'
since wonderfully changed by Jack and Guy
(must say they are bending over backwards to make this site friendly, even for computer phobes like me!
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