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Microphone for Canon 5d Mk iii - Rode VideoMic vs. Zoom H1


New member
Different products for different uses/applications. The Rode is probably a slightly better microphone, bit it obviously has no internal recording capabilities, and so the camera records the audio based upon whatever signal is fed to it by the Rode. The Zoom on the other hand is a combined microphone and recorder built into a small, little plastic case. The microphones on the Zoom are OK (there are actually 2 of them) but nothing I would want to use for production dialogue.

A lot of people will use the Zoom for "dual recording" ... for instance to get street sounds or ambient sounds while at the same time sending a scratch track back to the camera. The Zoom audio tracks are then linked up to the picture in the post.

I actually have a Zoom and use it with my Scarlet to record dual audio.

However, neither product is a real substitute for a sound guy with a mixer and good shot-gun mics or lavs.