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More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M


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I took one of my Polaroids out on my walk yesterday. Every time I take one of these cameras out, I tend to shoot a pack. Yesterday I took a break for coffee in the course of the walk and enjoyed reviewing what I'd shot so far...

A Stop for Coffee on my Walk
Polaroid SLR670m by MiNT
Polaroid SX-70 B&W film
Photo made with iPhone 11 Pro and processed in SnapSeed



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Martin: I don't see anything to complain about there!
Those five were ’selects’ and of better quality than the other. I did not like so much grain and questionable sharpness. Misfocused 35mm is a disaster, where mf can in some ways be used smaller if not spot on. I have difficulty assessing the Pentax viewfinder where the focus really is. The split prism in Mamiya 645 and the bigger screen is somewhat easier.

Merry Christmas


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Hmm. Thought I posted this already...

Master bedroom
Pen-FV, 42/1.2/ Rollei Retro 80S, Diafine.
That's quite the bedroom cupola! :D
And quite a lens ... I looked for one of those an eon ago and couldn't find one. An ultra fast 42mm on APS-C would be nice.



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Now exercising my Pentax MZ-5 using the sub-par Pentax F 28-80 f3.5-4.5, inspired by low res camera enthusiasm.
However, the film Fuji Superia 200, combined with handheld November photography was not pleasing after
scanning. I have to go back to 120.
Helsinki? Lovely colors!


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After a three year break from C-41, I did a roll of Portra 400 today, using the room temperature technique. Scanned RAW with Nikon 9000, and ColorPerfect (in PhotoLine, not PS) used to invert. All had a bit of extra purple that had to be adjusted with temperature and tint. But it was quite easy, and takes longer. Perhaps the next roll should be done at 102ºF so I can compare the colour casts.

F6, 50/1.4, 22mm-worth of ext. tubes, Portra 400, Argentix presskit.


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Toyo View 810M, sheet film 18x24xm, Fuji Xray film UM-MA, Wehner Developer
Steinheil Orthostigmat 4.5/210mm, made in the late 1950th, only three of it were made and this is the only one in a shutter. An excellent lens, sharp with a nice rendering and a large angle of view of 90°. Image circle a bit more that 400mm ( ~16")
Usable for close ups as well, here ratio 1:1

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