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More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M

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Put a candle in the window.

A small tribute to my brother-in-law, Jim.

Edit: The story behind this simple image ended two days later with the passing of my dear friend and brother-in-law who was a major part of my life for 65 years.
He is in a better place now snd the candles will not be needed. Somehow, a simple photograph of lit candles was solace enough for me. :)

I could do nothing more.

Nikon FM2n, 50/1.8
Expired Acros 100
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So, the cold winter weather is finally here and opportunities for revisiting old photos abound.

From 1951, two images of our summer vacation to Lake Panasoffkee in Florida:

This is my first photo of my first vacation. The car was an old Nash that was apparently quite reliable for a family of six.

Kodak 620:

My brother and I posing with a soda in hand.

Kodak 620 (cropped):

Photos of our family in my early years were rare, and that is why I appreciate finding images like these. We were blue collar working class people and photography was not something easily affordable. Now I can learn quite a lot from the old photos I do have.

Until recently I did not know my parents shot medium format film! LOL…:)

Now I would like to find myself a Kodak 620 camera.:)


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My grandparents shot medium format, but unfortunately the focus was not always spot on. I have photographed their paper print albums, with P45 MFD and then exported jpgs from full page shots and did the ”cutout” in Vuescan Professional. Definitely fast and convenient, but not so professional. Very few negatives can be found.