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Hi there, K-H. Funny you say that as there was just heavy traffic passing by behind me while I took that shot. I thought it was not too bad and got away with it, but it's actually a bit blurred.
Well Bart that may be, but the birds jumped out on me. :cool:


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I always knew that the 100-400 is a stunning lens (y)
I'd say the XF100-400 has been significantly helped by a combination of the stacked sensor of the X-H2S, firmware 3.0 and the arrival of AI tools like Topaz and DxOPureRAW2. I've always felt it is a little weak at the long end. I have to say much as I would like to add the 150-600 to my arsenal of wildlife lenses I am not in as much of a hurry as I was before those three changes arrived.

DUNNOCK, X-H2S, 100-400, 400mm, iso4000, f6,4, 1/2000


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Bart , it took me quite some time to find the bird . But now I have discovered him .
Please tell me , how you made the stitches .
Hi there Jürgen,

well, a little bit comes from me and most of it comes from C1P.
As was mentioned somewhere else by Pieter (pegelli) check and if required correct the images for exposure and vignetting beforehand.
However so far there was no need to correct the images.

Just shoot the images with plenty overlap, then in C1P select the (RAW) images and click 'Stitch to Panorama'.
There are a few options for projecting and sizing the output file: I've chosen 'perspective' and 50% 'stitch size' (97MB).
After stichting crop the output file ...

To give you an idea how the raw output file looked like ...



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Thanks Bart . For all panos I took so far , I used shift operation . ALPA and ARCA SWISS .
What means C1P ? I assume Capture One P ?


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Oh, yummy. Great colours and detail.

I had not picked up on your acquisition of the X-T5, I'd be interested in your thoughts, especially as a Fuji MF users.

Hi there Louis,

As for comparing G to X you know the saying "there's no substitute for cubic inches" ... ;)
The 100S and T5 share the same battery so that's cool and the menu system is almost identical although the more recent T5 has the edge here.
It would have been a perfect match if the X-series was equipped with a 4:3 sensor like the G-series.
Comparing systems or brands is a tricky path and a slippery slope I'd rather avoid. Besides I'm not qualified for such a venture.
But I think it's safe to say the G-files are cleaner and more malleable (if that makes any sense).

Anyway, so far I'm pretty happy with the X-system and giving its surprising (to me) low weight and compact size (I just love the 18/2 and 27/2.8 pancakes), I'm seriously contemplating whether I should keep my µ43 stuff.
There's little in between them although I think the Olympus and Panasonic line-up of lenses is pretty strong and of high quality.

Frankly I was hoping for an X-Pro4, but that for now still remains shrouded in mystery.

Kind regards.
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