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My New Favorite Sling


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I've been hooked on sling-type camera straps for years and have discovered a product that takes the approach to a new level. The "sling" approach suspends the camera across the body (in the same way a messenger bag strap functions) and when it works well, allows for very easy lifting of the camera to the eye for shooting, and comfortable storage of the camera in the small of the back when just carrying.

Previous versions of this approach were always just a tad less than ideal. My biggest issues with them were the way a camera equipped with a long lens would flop around behind me. And, some of the straps I've tried are too narrow and end up being uncomfortable on the shoulder bearing the weight.

The Peak Designs sling is an entirely different animal. It uses a nice attachment setup with one screw-in attach point on the tripod screw and one point on the camera's strap attachment loop. That arrangement is what helps it nestle the camera tightly into the small of the back and makes for comfortable, bounce-free walking around. It's also very adjustable with two sliding quick-adjust clamps on the strap (one in front and one in back). The other bit of cleverness designed into the strap is that there's a non-slide side that uses a section with "sticky" material for those times when you want to hang the strap from your shoulder instead of across your chest.

Well thought out design, well made, versatile, and very comfortable. I like it! They also make a variety of widths to accommodate less bulky cameras.

Check it out here:

By the way, I'm not affiliated in any way with this company.