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My newish E-M5 II

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
I'm occasionally doing stop-motion animation for clients, and for the best workflow, the software that "everybody" uses is Dragonframe. With Dragonframe, one shoots tethered, but the on-screen resolution varies a lot between cameras. The best alternatives are the Canon EOS R and RP with a special (paid) firmware update from Canon (1920 x 1280 px). On a strong second place comes the Olympus E-M1 (all models) and the E-M5 II (probably also the III) with 1280 x 960 px.

So I went looking for the cheapest alternative, and lo and behold, my local pusher had a mint condition E-M5 II with 1,200 clicks in original box and with all accessories for $360. Never mind that I already had 5 MFT bodies. This is a jewel of a camera, and many things have been improved since the original E-M1 that I learned to hate a few years ago.

So here's my new studio camera, which will be used for animation and product shots using the hi-res mode (sorry for the dust on the lens):



Well-known member
WAs going to say- if you are doing high res shots or just electronic shutter shots, that shutter count really doesn't count much - your camera will last vastly longer.

- Ricardo


Well-known member
Your post should also be a reminder that in the end, we should look for what fulfills needs rather than simply latest/greatest/whatever people en mass bought because it's new.