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New Cambo Actar 19 is Announced

Steve Hendrix

Active member
Cambo has announced a new addition to their Actar lineup, the Actar 19. In this case, they're proudly revealing the origin of the lens, which is the Nikkor 19 TS Lens, a well known and well regarded lens. They have been able to produce an Actar mount that allows manual aperture control for this lens. This lens can now be a real consideration for someone using any Cambo Actus View Camera. It comes with included board and an aperture control mechanism for complete manual aperture control. Yes, it is a pricey re-mount of an already pricey lens ... but may be worth it for some.


Very cool. Hopefully this will provide more incentive for C1 to make enlarged/shiftable profiles for this and other Nikon/Canon PC lenses!
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