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New iPad


Workshop Member
Interested in hearing about those that use the iPad as a MacBook substitute in the field . Love the smaller form.weight and now better screen . Would like to view quickly (like PhotoMechanic) , rate or select and maybe back up captures . Rarely exceed a few thousand captures on a trip .

Not so interested in processing (light capabilities ). or immediate publishing .

So far I have just stuck with my MBP 16 . I do all my processing at home on a maxed out iMac .


Active member
I don’t want to use an Ipad due to to the limitations opposed by iOS and Apple. Instead I use an 11 inch or 13 inch Mac book air, not much heavier and affordable as used. As my software on the go, I trust Fast Raw Viewer. All in all a bit heavier but thoroughly adaptable to anything.


Well-known member
I use the 2018 iPad Pro 11" as my mobile computing solution for everything. I've not been limited by anything about iPadOS. It's a different workflow compared to macOS and Lightroom, but I seem to be able to get what I want done without any inhibitions at all.

I operate the Hasselblad 907x and Leica CL in tethered mode with it, and do image processing with Phocus, SnapSeed, RAW Power, and Photos. I can assemble slide shows, create websites, and pretty much do all of the other things I normally do for both photography and for my various home and project activities.

I've been using this machine as my mobile computing system since I got it in 2018, and I sold my last new Mac Book Pro because I never took it out of the box. I could only see buying another laptop if I really, really, desperately needed software that only ran on macOS at this point.