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New M11


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Waiting for my allocation … who knows when it’ll arrive due to Leica shipping shifts / starts to delivery/payment


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Stabilized magnified live view for critical focus is the only thing I've been missing from the M and S line. Stabilization for image capture is ok if there is NO motion in the frame, but it's really useful for focusing. I like their solution. Alas, the S3 has a Maestro II processor, so it's unlikely to make it as a firmware upgrade.

Steve Hendrix

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We'll be keen on comparing not just the dynamic range/noise performance vs our M10R demo, but critically, the color rendition. The color out of the Leica cameras is one of my favorite aspects of their quality equation. It would be a shame to lose that to gain some dynamic range. I'm optimistic, however, because color rendering may be impacted by the sensor/cfa choices, we've seen very different color responses from the same base sensor with other camera models (example Fuji color vs Hasselblad color with the same base 50mp sensor).

It will be an interesting test.

I see Leica as a company that once under-competed with some of the industry segment leaders in terms of what the market expects feature-wise, but now has been pulling alongside in this regard, while still maintaining the unique characteristics of a Leica camera and a Leica file. I'm optimistic this will continue with the M11, but we'll see.

Steve Hendrix/CI

Paul Spinnler

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Interesting will be to see their natural color solution ... the Sony sensors all have a very "sonyesque" look which I do not forcibly like so much whereas the Leica camera have a good colour science ... let's see


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Looks impressive. Tugs at both the heart and wallet strings. However, if I had £7500 (UK price) for a piece of photographic jewellery, I'd still rather spend it on a 907X. In the meantime I may just be able to afford the new Fuji X-H2 if it arrives this year.

Enjoy, if you are getting the new M11!

Just my two cents.



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First thing that smacks at lighter is the outer box for the M11. It's about half the size of latest M10 outer boxes and when you get inside you see why. There is no longer a drawer system. Once you open the interior box the camera, battery and charger are all packed individually with cushioning material all around them. As soon as I lifted the M11 out I could tell is was lighter by a lot. Charging 1st battery now.

BTW the metal Viso is huge and heavy feeling while weighing in my small scale at 83 grams without bottom rubber protector nor the soft bag provided.

The grip is very light and easy to mount.
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Jorgen Udvang

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This reviewer is obviously a Leica fan.
Ummm.... yes, Jono is a Leica "fan" and a Leica "insider" as well. He has apparently had the M11 for 7 months. He's also an active member of this forum and has been here since 2007.

Leica rangefinder cameras are so different from current mainstream cameras that reviewing one without being a "fan" is probably pointless. Are the upgrades worth the price? People are apparently ordering, so I guess they are.


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Yes I understand that and I'm a fan as well. Thank you for posting the link. Please don't misconstrue my comment.

Leica will never have a shortage of orders from those of use who've enjoyed their cameras and can still afford one. Now that I check used prices on my M10 maybe I should upgrade after all :oops:

However I do have a brand new XCD 35-75 sitting here as I wait to see what Hasselblad does next. Hence my comment about larger pixels.


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Jono is a trusted Leica reviewer/tester and has always been objective in his reviews vs just being a youtube fan boy etc. If things are good with camera he’ll say so. If there are issues that he didn’t like or need improvement he’ll typically say so.


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If Jono says something positive ....he is objective . But he will never tell you what he doesn t like . He provides his critiques to only the Leica team . He also does not compare the camera being used to any other camera ...either by Leica or another manufacturer . He would never say for example that he likes the M10M better for black and white work .

His comments about the finish were helpful to me as one guy on the LUF said the black camera was easily marked . No so according to Jono . The LUF guy also said the shutter was irritating and noisy . No according to Jono .

So he is objective but only talks to what he likes .

dj may

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There are many wacky comments on LUF. Also about cameras that I have used extensively (that is why I say wacky). The M11 sounds very nice , but I hardly use my M-P 240. I still may test drive it.
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There is a lot of disagreement, even among M11 owners, whether the new shutter is irritating or not and whether the black version has an issue. I have a silver M11, so no opinion about the black M11, but the shutter sounds just fine to me.
IMO, it is mostly people who do not own an M11 that are upset with the shutter sound and the black finish.