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New member in Richmond, Va

Trevor Davis

New member
Hi all,
My name is Trevor and I am a photographer in Richmond, VA. I primarily use a Canon Eos R with T/S lenses to shoot architecture. I have an interest in learning more about technical cameras and digital printing.


Well-known member
Welcome to the forum Trevor!

You will find helpful folks here to answer your questions regarding tech cameras and their operations. Make use of the search function as there are many threads with useful information to questions you may have.

Kind regards,
Hi Trevor :)
If you are into LF cameras, Google the Schiempflug principle.. it's an awful lot of what you need to know.
You can get hold of a Sinar P or P2 these days for a song - they make it simple. Most other LF cameras are a little harder to suss out.
Main problem is processing the film, unless you put a digital back on.
Happy squeezboxing! ;)