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New stuff from Fuji--update to lens road map and new camera (X Summit)


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Here is a link to today's X Summit

A new 10-24mm is coming. An update of the current lens.

Next year there is a new 18mm f/1.4 (at about 8 min mark) and a 70-300 f/4-5.6 (at about 6:30 mark).

And the new camera is also in the Summit.

I am actually intrigued by the 70-300. I have been really wanting something for wildlife, but the 100-400 was just too big. This new lens is really small and will also take Fuji's teleconverters.
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Jorgen Udvang

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I totally love the X-S10. All the right specs, apparently great ergonomics and the right price. If I didn't have a lot of gear already... etc.


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None of the new products yesterday particularly interests me but it can only be to Fuji owners' benefit that the company has products people want to buy.

However, the one thing announced which is great is the X-T3 firmware update for 28th October which claims it will improve the AF up to the level of the new X-T4.


Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
This camera is much smaller than my Panasonic/MFT GX8, more or less the same size and weight with lenses, and with much better specs. MFT cameras with similar or better specs (G9 or GH5) are all much larger except the E-M1 series, which I don't like due to ergonomics.

If Panasonic doesn't come up with a real successor to the GX8, it's hard to see the way forward for MFT other than for specialised, mainly video use.

Here's a pretty balanced review: