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New to site Californian


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Greetings from Santa Barbara, California!

i have been shooting since 1970, originally with a motorized Nikon F and it’s gotten very crazy since then!

Sometimes I feel more like a collector than a photographer. I’m just too busy to shoot as I would like.

I started with and maintain an extensive Nikon system, from Nikon F to F2, F3, F5, D2X, D3, and lastly D3S. I probably have about 50 Nikkor lenses from a 7.5mm Fisheye-Nikkor to the 1000mm Reflex-Nikkor. My favorite lens? The Nikkor AIS 13mm f/5.6.

I have also been a Leica shooter, with bodies like Leicaflex SL, SL2 and Leica MPs in chrome and black paint, and now the Leica SL, and SL2S mirrorless, upon which I mount a fairly good selection of M lenses from the 21mm Asph Elmarit, 35mm f.1.4 Summilux, 50mm f/1 Noctilux, 90mm f/2 APO Asph Summicron and lastly (for close work) the APO 100mm Leica-R macro lens, an incredible optical wonder!

For the little ones, I use the Minox IIIS, to a black BL, and Minox Cs.

For the biggest that I use, I have several Hasselblads, including the 500 EL/M to the 503CW and 903 SWC. My favorite Zeiss lenses include (besides the obvious 38mm Biogon) the Distagon 40/4 CF and 40/4 CFE-IF, the 100mm CF, and lastly the 250mm f/5.6 Superachromat tele.

I recently got a DJI Mavic Pro 2 with the Hassy 1” square sensor. It’s like a very tall tripod.

To scan my film into digital I have the Nikon Super Coolscan 8000ED. I use a large iMac with Monterey OS and two Cinema displays. I also maintain a 35mm conventional darkroom with the Leitz Focomat V35, and the Leitz Focomat Ic. I don’t do color anymore.

Other hobbies include masonry work (wall building), carpentry work, plumbing, electrical, and everything in between to maintain some apartments and our houses. (We are split now between Santa Barbara and Sacramento).

I enjoy automobiles, and we have collected about 8 for now. We have a couple of Porsches (newer 911 cabriolet and an older 356C). We also have a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II. I’m the original owner of a 1987-1/2 Vanagon by VW. We also have a 300 SL MB, and other utilitarian rigs.

When I have the spare time (and water) I like to have a garden with cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, corn, and herbs. To support all of that effort I have Ferrari RBS rototiller. I also enjoy cutting and splitting my own firewood with my Stihl chainsaw and I have a couple of significant Oregon splitters.

in the winter I like to snow ski, having been skiing since age 4. (I skied Vail on the second day it opened in December 1962). I learned to ski in Japan in the 50s, and then Colorado, and then Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. My favorites are Mammoth Mountain in the California Sierras, and Willamette Pass in central Oregon. I used to be a rock climber but just have no time left!

I work occasionally as an NRA certified range safety officer at our local range, mostly involved with rifles and pistols. (Heckler & Koch are my favorites in both rifle and handgun).

i routinely use Photoshop but occasionally dangle in Lightroom. I find that Lightroom is more for art work while good old PS is more utilitarian.

i have traveled extensively throughout the world, but things are a little slow right now!

I am a retired USAF flying officer and program manager, and retired from aerospace and consulting work.

Whether I will be here much is TBD. I’ll give it a whirl.
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Welcome to Getdpi!

I passed a shop the other day and had to do a double take, the SL2 was cheaper by a few hundred francs than a Sony Alpha 1! Neither in that shop on special offer.


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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like we have some in common. I have a small Nikon collection, F2AS and lenses. Love the 25-50 ais. I have been a Leica shooter since high school, c.1977 and still shoot M9 and S2 as well as Silver M4-P anniversary edition.(Also, too many other cameras as well). As for other hobbies, I have a few cars, Z4MC (e86) and a Lotus Exige S240. As for shooting, pre-pandemic I was shooting Bullseye (Precision Pistol) and Palma. Enjoy this wonderful forum and group of fine people filled with amazing knowledge.
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How do we find the time?? And we have two cats that always want to be fed! I found a new cat food. Pâté in gopher and rat.