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Nikons new offering...Anyone considering switching up?


So: Vogue, brand, rarity, condition, provenance, identification etc, can be far more important than features or advantages
None of those things are important to me, well not when I'm buying photography equipment.
Hand made shoes, gloves, hats, watches and custom racing cycles are another matter.


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I'm considering it an UPGRADE from my IQ180 which as I've said before is kind of a one trick pony. But the D850 has so many tricks up its sleeve it's just too good to pass up.

80 megapixels sounds like hugely more but in fact it isn't. The IQ180 only has about 25% more linear resolution measured on the long side. Granted the image quality of the IQ180 should still be better but ONLY if you have enough light. High ISO capability is next to zero.

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Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack, a crack, in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen, 1992


Mark C

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'Killer' just seems to be a term over used by some photography magazines when describing a newly announced camera body (and when they haven't yet tested one) in the hope of selling more copies.

Bryan Stephens

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If Void gets to define his terms, he wins every "debate." This is worse than ESPN.
Exactly, especially when his debates are based on his opinions only.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it doesn't mean that it is necessarily correct, however.

The one thing I think everyone can agree on is that high end digital photography is a wallet killer


Mine is on order. I have been seriously contemplating the GFX and X1D but the D850 is just too simple for me. I get C1 support and all the lenses that I need.
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