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Nix Mini, anyone use it with capture one?

Hi folks,

I came across this little gadget for accurate colour management/matching, wonder if anyone has real life experiences with it? Especially the workflow with capture one.



Active member
I did a quick google, I doesn't seem like this is for color accuracy at all? It's just for if you are curious what the digital RGB value is of a color in the real world? I suppose it would probably work for calibration, but I don't think that's the main goal? Maybe I am missing something.
I was curious how it would work for photographers.

I asked the same question on instagram to a photographer who's been using it for architectural work, hence hoping for more answers here.

Maybe grey card is still the best way forward.


Sr. Administrator
Staff member
I think it's a tool more suited to after-the-fact matching. As an example, several years back I had a client that wanted a large panoramic print of Porto Fino made so that the sienna and orange building colors would be as close to their furniture upholstery colors as possible(!) Since they were paying, I said I'd try, but no guarantees LOL. At the time, I used my Greytag Eye1 pro to sample the fabrics and then adjusted the colors of the final print using C1's advanced color tool to match them as closely as possible before print. Even though the colors slightly overlapped, the process worked phenomenally well, frankly way better than I expected and of course the clients were thrilled.