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Olympus, DXo Photolab4 deepPRIME


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Some shots I took recently and I have to say dxo Photolab4 deepPRIME is simply AMAZING. It not only does great noise reduction without the previous PRIME artifacts at times, but it is doing bayer demosaicing by machine learning which is interesting.

This last one a re-export from PenF shot last year, ISO 25600.

- Ricardo


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I wanted to change the title. These are Olympus shots but the GX9 and other Panasonic-Lumix benefit as well.


I've also tried Deep Prime on ORFs. I was impressed enough to buy PL4. I now have FAR more Raw converters than I need :)

I find it really effective on high ISO files. However, on low ISO files I actually find the the results are worse with Deep Prime. So the NR part is great, the "AI/ML" demosaicing, I'm not so convinced. Actually there are other features in PL4 which impress me - the "optical sharpening" is very impressive, although side by side with Lr it does seem to over-sharpen even at default settings (0). And I've always found Viewpoint to be impressive.


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I have also added DxO PL 4 to my library. I like that it integrates well in my LrC/PS workflow, as the output of DxO PL 4 is a linear DNG.
As a side note, if your camera supports Live ND, you can reduce the noise in-camera. The caveat is that the fastest shutter speed with Live ND is limited (e.g., 1/15 sec with ND4).