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Olympus lens development announcements

scott kirkpatrick

Well-known member
I'm also likely to keep using my E-M1 and E-M1 ii gear as long as it will let me. The lenses are as good as ever. I've also heard that some of the things that still annoy me about the E-M1 ii were greatly improved in the E-M1 iii. So I'm patiently waiting for one of those to show up used at half of new price. Shot a nephew's bar mitzvah last week with the E-M1 ii and the 12-100. With IBIS and the camera on a folded-up Manfrotto tabletop tripod resting on my leg, the results were absolutely stable, and permitted a mix of still and video. Here's what it is like to be in a reform synagogue in the time of Coronavirus --zoom ceremonies, of course.

[url=]P7020030 1 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr[/URL]


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That's right, Ricardo. This table holds no guarantees for the long term. However, for the foreseeable future there's still some life in the old girl ...
When the lenses come out, yes. Until then, it's PR, in the situation we are in now.

- Ricardo