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Other lenses for 450D...


I have 2 friends that have a 450D each. They are work mates on working holiday from Brazil, in New Zealand.
I/they would like to know which alternative lenses are the better ones, and cheaper. Below lenses is what I know, + have to go to 20mm to get to 32mm, which seems approximately another good focal length, but I have no idea which brand or particular lens...??? Prefer not like CZ20 2.8 Flecktagon where may have to buy 6 to get 1 good one. Thanks, any thoughts appreciated, + other focal lengths.

CZ 50 1.7
CZ35-70 3.4
R35-70 F4
CZ 135 2.8


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Hi Wayne:

Do they want primes or zooms?

For primes at the 20mm focal, frankly the Canon 20 is great, especially on the crop sensor. This lens has a bad rep on full frame as having horrible corners, but the fact is it has lots of curvature -- so it can render flat subjects with soft corners when shot at wider apertures, though actually adds depth to 3-D subjects. Regardless, it's curvature is relatively insignificant on a crop sensor camera. KEH usually has several in the $350 range.

Another viable and inexpensive choice is the Sigma 12-24 zoom -- it's a full frame lens and does very well on crop cams, about $600US new.


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I will second the Sigma 12-24 zoom. It does have a bit more smear distortion and some softness in the corners on full frame, but on the crop sensors, it is an outstanding performer. It is a true rectilinear lens, and lines stay straight. I have had a great one from when it was first released and think it an excellent value. Best shot around f8 and up, but it will perform very nicely, and yield a 19mm or so on the 450D body. Definitely worth the look.


Dale Allyn

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I'm not sure if the goal is really to go with alternative glass, so I'll add a little confusion here. :)

You have listed the CZ 135mm f/2.8, but Canon's 135mm f/2.0 "L" is one of their best IMO and a bargain among the "L's". Great auto focus and of course EXIF will translate to the body, etc. Most find the Canon 135mm f/2.0 L to be an excellent lens.

And, when I owned a crop sensor Canon (20D) I owned the Canon 10-22mm EF-s lens. It was (and is) and excellent lens. I sold the kit to a friend long ago, who still makes fine images with it. The 10-22 Canon is designed for the crop-sensor bodies only, so will not mount to full-frame bodies like the 5D or series 1 bodies. Optically, the 10-22mm Canon is excellent, rivaling some of the "L's" or nearly so, though the construction is somewhat lighter than the "L's". It's not a cheap lens, but it does deliver nice images.

In fact, the friend who bought the Canon 10-22 and some other Canon gear from me also shoots Leica and Hasselblad film cameras and has for years. He's loving the 10-22 from Canon (and a 70-200mm f/4 L he bought from me at the same time). He has a good eye, is critical, and makes nice photos, and he's loving the lens described.


Thanks everyone for the responses. I've let them know about this site and KEH.

I'll let them know some of the better choices available. Had not thought of the Canon 20. Did have a sigma 12-24, bad copy, an element out still good though closed down... and yes, I think, from pictures I've seen the 135 f2 is impressive... will pass on this thread also to them.

One who took interest is going back to Brazil for a few weeks holiday tomorrow, then back to work in Queenstown. The other I'm meeting up with today in the gardens in town...