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Paris Marathon


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I have been watching the dSLR video websites so I was surprised to see how good a slide show can be. The well-framed slides are almost more explanatory than a careless video. \\

Oh well, I guess the artists are going express themselves as they think best. I like it a lot.


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but, Kevin, that is a real issue not unlike photogs getting their images lifted and used by somebody else for all sorts of purposes. Not looking to rain on the parade, as I liked how the music went with this particular subject, but it is something that many of us who want to use these tools have to wrestle with. While plucking a tune from our library may make it so easy, we are immediately running up against the same sort of usage rights that we want honored for our stuff.

There is downloadable music that is be purchased for this sort of thing. Lots of wedding photogs use it for their movies and DVDs presented to clients. Most of it is not all that great, and I have yet to find anything as catchy and recognizable as the stuff any of us have in our libraries and collections. Heck, even the political candidates get a lot of heat when known tunes get used in their commercials without written permission. Even Prince went after some mother that posted a YouTube video of her dancing baby with his music playing in the background, not even as a soundtrack. I thought there was somebody trying to make the entire music "borrowing" process for limited stuff like this easy and affordable, but that seems to have died on the vine.

I like the slideshow concept. I like being able to put tunes to things also, but it really is only for private use and viewing. Not wanting to make any more of it than that, but I agree with Marc.....the Motown label is getting ripped off here ;-)


P.S. The least would be a "tribute" mention in the "credits".....Martha Reeves and the Vandella's deserve the "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" (Aretha Franklin) ;-)
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Lets keep things in perspective here - This is a little throwaway slideshow, done for personal amusement rather than commercial gain - its been seen by a grand total of 177 people, albeit in about 25 countries - Vimeo stats are wonderful :)

Even if there was a mechanism for me to purchase usage rights of the song, i doubt if much, if indeed any of the money, would have ever got back to Martha, the Vandellas or indeed the faceless Funk Brothers( - the artists who actually recorded the track.

Maybe Holland/Dozier/Holland may get a few cents for writing it, but yet again maybe not - Michael Jacksons estate gets the publishing moneys from all the Beatles songs. And if you are talking about R.E.S.P.E.C.T - then I think that should be given to Otis Redding who wrote and recorded it originally - you see I do know my music history - I was 7 years old when Nowhere to Run came out

All that said I am in total agreement that it is wrong to profit from use of anothers work. In my time with Apple, creating public presentations for a commercial gain we had to make sure we had the rights to every image, sound and even font.

The problem is that the internet has broken the old models that the publishing industries worked to in the past, and those industries have not adapted to meet the challenge. They no longer know how to control the means of distribution, and rather than addressing this, they try and put the genie back in the bottle.

The music industry had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the iTunes model of distribution - The TV companies are slowly changing, but are still a long way.

Until I take a picture as good as Nowhere to Run, I am probably going to continue to use music like this for my personal projects where my prime objective is to have fun rather than make money.

I will make sure i credit the song - maybe even add the link to the iTunes store. If there was a viable alternative then i would happily pay it.

For commercial works, then I will look at the legal alternatives - but we should carry on that discussion on this thread



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Kevin, not trying to bust your chops with any of this. The topic about usage has migrated to the other thread, I hope. My only last thing is that no matter how much I agree with your perspectives on who should be getting what if anything, the present laws and rules, whether we feel should be changed or not, do exist, and our protesting them by means of breaking them does not assure positive changes to our wishes. Just saying.....



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I liked it the video. If Kevin followed the rules, I never would have viewed his video?? He photographs using his camera and should record his own music, I guess?