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Pentax 645 A 120 Macro or Pentax-A 645 150mm F3.5 Which one to keep


Well-known member
I have these 2 Wonderful Lenses that I want to use on my Nikon D810 camera for portraits. I like them both and the 150 is so much lighter than the 120. They are so close in focal length and BOTH excellent IQ
I dont think I would use the 2 of them. So, I need to sell one. Any help is appreciated


Well-known member
As you said both are excellent. I am not sure you have a bad choice. I guess my most important criteria would be minimum focus distance, which is related to how tight you shoot portraits. Beyond that, I can see weight an important factor. The other possibility is not to make a decision now until you have shot them for a bit. Time will tell which is being used. Or just keep both. I have never found I have ever had too many lenses.


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They are radically different. The 120 is the only 645 lens I still have, but I only use it on a Fuji X. When I had both, I used the macro for tripod mounted focus stacking and the 150 for walk-around medium telephoto on FF.