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PhaseOne IQ350 + 80mm Kit for Sale


New member
Hello all! Happy to share with you, I am parting ways with my personal kit here. Open to any questions and offers.

For sale, a personally owned and gently cared for, complete PhaseOne XF-IQ350 & Schneider Kreuznach 80mm ls f/2.8. The kit was purchased through Digital Transitions brand new.

This 50MP kit was purchase in 2018, and has a 5-year warranty included, extending to 08/2023 approximately.

The XF body has an upgraded HAP2 focus, as well as the upgraded battery door for a secure fitting. The FPS Count is 26,447, the Mirror Count is 24,527.

The Schneider lens glass is superb and in perfect condition along with its focus ring.

The prism is in excellent condition as well.

The digital back itself has a screen protector and has only been professionally serviced for cleaning and such. There are no marks or scratches on the sensor.

Comes with 4 3400 mAh official PhaseOne batteries, and the Hahnel Twin PRO Battery charger for IQ Backs and XF Camera Bodies. Also comes with LCC Card, digital back cover plate, body cap, lens cap, and sensor cleaning kit.

Asking for $16,000 + shipping, open to offers.

Selling the kit as a whole, or open to offers on components. Also open to someone taking over the remaining payments so we have a few options!

Also available are a 110mm lens, 55mm lens, and 35mm Blue Ring (incredible wide-angle).Main Cam Front Corner Floor 2.jpgMain Cam Back Corner Grip Floor.jpgMain Cam Back Corner Floor.jpgInside Top Zipper.jpgInside Top Down.jpgDigital Back Solo.jpgDetail Front Corner Inside Case 2.jpgDigital Back Solo.jpgInside Top Down.jpgInside Top Zipper.jpgMain Cam Back Corner Floor.jpgMain Cam Back Corner Grip Floor.jpgMain Cam Front Corner Floor 2.jpg



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There is a Gear for Sale or WTB section in the forum, where this should have been posted. Maybe you can try to move it so it gets more traction there. GLWS!