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Photography and Privacy Law in Italy


New member
Over time I've been photographing people mostly unaware on the street. At this point it's second nature for me to photograph whatever I find interesting and if the subject rather I didn't... I'll apologize after the fact (if at all).

But then I remembered that Britain and France have these privacy laws against photographing random people without their permission.

What's the situation in Italy?

I understand the practical matters, that whether there is a law or not, if you are an intrusive jerk you may get punched or worse. But, with moderate discretion and common sense, how is doing street photography there?


Workshop Member
My most recent experience has been in Venice ....everyone has a camera and other than some people being shy ...never had a single objection . Generally if you are discrete and keep moving will not run into anything .

Publishing is another story ...if you ever plan to make a book or maybe even exhibit you work need a signed release . A friend of mine had 6 years worth of work in Venice (all B&W TRI X) and could not find anyone willing to even look at his work without releases .