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PolarPro Filter System

I wanted to ask if any fellow photographers have seen or used the PolarPro filter system; I just came across it as I researched a large filter system for my 95mm lenses. I currently have Breakthrough and Nisi filters for my smaller size lenses, and am happy with them. I am really impressed with build and look of the PolarPro Summit series for landscape photography on their website. I am not trying to sell anything here, although I know how much we all love gear!

I am looking for filters in the 150mm size range, and a built-in Circular Polarizer, as well as ND and GND filters. I know Wine Country has a product, but it looks too bulky for my taste. Other options would be the Lee 150, or the Nisi filter system.

Thanks for your input.



Well-known member
Looks like a nice system, a bit of a copy of the Wine county idea, but unique enough. I would want a 105mm ring, and not sure if their system will allow such a ring, seems limited to 95mm. Filter lock is a nice idea for sure as the Wine county (at least mine) doesn't have the lock for the filters only the CL-PL and it's possible to screw up and rotate the system or tip it when taking it off and the 150 x 150 filters will drop out.

The integrated CL-PL (similar to Wine county) is great in that you never have to rotate the rig, for polarization, only the filter. I love this on the wine county and it was a big reason I moved from Lee as the SW-150 requires the entire rig to rotate (at least it did a few years ago).

I like the fact that Wine county and Lee both allow you to use the same filters just different mounts. The Polar Pro system seems that everything is unique and only works with that system.

They make great filters for drones have used them for years, glad to see them moving on to other products.

Paul C


Well-known member
Being limited to only the Polar Pro filters is a deal killer for me---too limiting, not to mention the added cost of now having to -re-purchase some of the standard fare filters.

The issue with filter systems is that you have to be able to take the polarizer on and off easily; the big problem with some of my older holders is that you must take the entire apparatus off to add or remove the CPL. I am also looking for a new system that can handle larger lens sizes, up to 95mm.
In researching this, I find there are four main options, where the filter companies have incorporated a way to place the filter on and take it off.
In a standard 100mm filter system, Lee, Nisi, Wine Country, and now PolarPro. The last 3 allow you to place the CPL behind the square filters, and still rotate via a rotating dial. The Lee system has an attachment to put a CPL in front of the square filters (not as ideal, I think).
The Nisi setup goes up to 82mm, the PolarPro up to 95mm thread. Otherwise you go into the much larger 150mm filter systems. I have the Lee 150 system, but putting the CPL on and off is very difficult at times, and very hard to use a CPL, ND, and GND together.

On the PolarPro website it all looks so easy and automatic to use the three filters together, and I also like the idea of a hood to block stray light- Wine Country has this too.

Thomas Frank

New member
I switch from Lee Filter one time the best to Breakthrough Photography much better to PolarPro system. Try PolarPro System if you have a friend that uses this system and you will buy it! Pros and Cons on all systems their filters are great and system stops all the trouble of cleaning, trying to mount filters in holder etc.


New member
I switched to the polar pro system from a Lee-type system and have used them exclusively for about a year. While using the Lee system, I used a combination of Lee's ND filters and SK GND filters. I was sick and tired trying to use this with a CPL filter. This is why I decided to bite the bullet and switch filter systems.

The filters and their housings are incredibly well made. The filter holder makes it easy to use a CPL and your choice of any of their ND, GND, or newly released RGND filters. I have used it on digital and on large format film. The 10 stop filter has a lot less color cast than the Lee big stopper or B+W's offerings. I haven't used the Wine Country or some of the other filter systems, so I cannot provide a direct comparison. I can say that if you do decide to switch to the polar pro filters, you won't be disappointed.