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Portable studio stand


New member
Has anybody tried creating / diying / crafting / combining elements into a portable (geared) studio stand?
Or does anybody know someone who makes them?
Of course it seems quite impossible... Studio stand and portable don't go hand in hand.

Also what I mean by portable is, easy enough to put it in the trunk / van and carry to location inside.
Not backpack and climb mountains with it.

Whenever shooting at a location, it takes so much more effort and time not having a studio stand available.


A 7ft Cambo MBX is easy enough to disassemble (separate cross arm, column and base) to transport it in the trunk of your car. The cast iron base inevitably has some heft. Needed for stability.
Is it portable? It may be worth the effort when shooting several days at a client's premises. The column is mounted on a flange and its just three bolts (easily accessible from the top) to mount and unmount it: MBX



Active member
The closest I've seen is this with a ballhead/___ on the arm.

The column still imparts a lot of motion into the setup (less than the alu version), but you may be able to modify it to be more stable. Moving the arm is simplicity itself. The arm also fits on the lowest column of any c-stand.