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Putting Faces to Names - (i.e. the Selfie thread)


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As someone too young to know, when you got drafted, did you get to pick which branch of the service and, if so, why cargo, um, I mean, Marines? ;)
I "volunteered" for the Marines. It went something like, "we need five volunteers to go into the Marine Corps... you, you and you three over there are the volunteers." :rolleyes: Truth is, I was glad... eventually.


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Lloyd, love that last shot from 1954. Simply amazing.
Thank you Edward. My Dad rarely took pictures, but he had a great eye.


When I was young, we barely had food to eat; let alone cameras.:shocked:
So no pics of me are there from those times.

Thanks for sharing guys.
Wish we had some of you from "back in the day" Rayyan. I'll bet you were a handsome lil' devil. ;)

A quick story about our family camera. My father served in Europe in WWII, and then went back for about 2 years in the "Occupation Force" after the war. In 1946, the base exchange were he was located got in one Leica IIIc, and all those interested in buying the camera put their names in a hat. My father was lucky enough to draw out, and even though it was expensive... several month's wages... he bought the camera and a 5cm f1.5 Summitar. It is the only camera, and only lens, he owned until he and my mother bought a cheap Nikon digicam a few years back. Every photo of me or my siblings as children was taken with that same camera and lens. There are gaps in the family story when their were issues with the camera. The shutter broke at one point, so there are no pictures at all for a 2+ year gap. Dad gave me the camera a few years ago... a treasure I will never sell.

LLoyd I Salute You :salute: & that last shot is Phenomenal!
Thank you, Steve.


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Steve, an honor pal.

Lloyd, the Marines uniform photo is priceless. Semper Fidelis, indeed my friend.


Maggie O

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I "volunteered" for the Marines. It went something like, "we need five volunteers to go into the Marine Corps... you, you and you three over there are the volunteers." :rolleyes: Truth is, I was glad... eventually.
Jeepers! That's one hell of a way to get drafted. But it sounds like the military!


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Marvelous story, Lloyd!

I wish there were something similar to offer from my own family history. Unfortunately, my father's Leica IIIf had a bit of father-son spite war associated with it so it never resonated with me ... I traded it for more modern equipment shortly after I inherited it and enjoyed my own Leica cameras, those i bought for myself, much more.

My uncle gifted me with his prized Polaroid SX-70 last March, and there's a lovely memory in that—which is, I imagine, part of why I enjoy using it so much.


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Thank you Graham.
Lloyd, no need for thanks - you should give eternal thanks to the person who shot that wonderful family portrait. I think we'd all love to have something like that as our legacy. Simply wonderful. :thumbs:

Btw, it's an inspiration to me to revisit my father's film & cine archive that he left me. It's sitting in my sister's loft awaiting revival before its too late.


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Agree with everyone, that the picture of you Lloyd, with your sister and Mom is simply priceless! There are sometimes those images that transcend both equipment and time and freeze the moment, to be remembered forever.

Graham is right. Many of us have old pictures and 8 & super 8mm movies just lying around somewheres in draws or attics, just begging to sorts, saved and kept for future generations of our families. I am as guilty as anyone in not finding the time to do this before mother nature takes a complete toll on them....whereby they simply will deteriorate beyond a reasonable ability to recover.

Dave (D&A)


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bcambern;475068 Maybe I should start carrying a Nikon if it will make my arms look like that.[/QUOTE said:
Nikon,Canon,Leica,Sony & a weight belt made out of SD Card's to protect your back will get you on your way BC!:D