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Quarantine Pictures * Any Format *


Well-known member
Last saturday I participated in an "off-line photowalk"

A friend of mine who frequently organises photo walks in the area of 's-Hertogenbosch set it up. The idea was that during the morning and early afternoon people would make a walk in the area they live. Then come home, select and PP some images and upload them to a Flickr group. Then at 16:30 he set up a zoom meeting to chat a bit about the photo's, lock down and other things (and make a toast to each-other's health :toocool:). All in all a great way to keep in contact :thumbup:

Here's two typical "quarantine" images I took on the walk

Deer spotting (kids amusement)

Corona warning sign, attached to a marker indicating an underground Oxygen pipeline (Zuurstof = Oxygen)

Both A7ii + Voigtländer APO Lanthar 65/2 macro

The whole album of my photos (Flickr) can be seen here


Well-known member
Another little quarantine project in the garden, see what you can do with found feathers

1: Downy low end

2: Wavy

3: Striped

All Sony A700 + Minolta 100/2.8 macro D


Well-known member
A few more of my quarantine safari in the backyard

1: Wild azalea and a visiting bug

2: More wild azalea

3: bear leek (in Dutch it's called daslook, which translates to badger leek)

4: Clematis

All Sony A700 + Minolta 100/2.8 macro D


Subscriber and Workshop Member
One style always available during quarantine - the selfie! I am NOT, however, a portrait photographer.

I watched a Leica event on portraiture. Depending on the photographer, these are usually entertaining. Less common, though, is to get something actually useful out of it. In this case, a lighting exercise. Go into a dark room with a single hand-held light (and a mirror) and study your reflection as you move the light around. It's so much better than the "put the light here" diagrams. So here's a light in one hand and iPhone in the other:

Probably should have removed the pink shower cap in the background....


Oren Grad

Just after noon on Friday, tied on a bandana and dashed out to get in a walk around the neighborhood before I had to be back home for a web conference for work.

I continued on for another block before turning left. :)



Active member
As I've mentioned before, Miss Abby must be walked daily, virus or no virus! And since I have to leave the house regardless, I might as well as carry a camera along, right?

DIY full-spectrum modified Samsung NX500 / Contax N 24-85 / f6.3 @ 1/400 and ISO 100 / Hoya R72 filter


Staff member
While at home, I have been trying to capture my daily routine with fresh eyes. There is nothing more exciting like a boring, regular sink :)



Well-known member
What's his/her name? Can't have too many pics of him/her. I think Her, right?

She is called Hikari--the Japanese word for light or sunlight.

I am not sure if I have too many, but I know I could take more... :toocool:


Well-known member
Four idle river cruise ships, laying at the end of a forgotten dock in the Antwerp harbour. Waiting for better times.....

A7ii + FE24-70/4 CZ


Subscriber and Workshop Member
Today's protest. Yesterday's was about 10 times as large, but I didn't get a shot of it. iPhone