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Question about LCC frames and shifts


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Yep. Best practice is to do an LCC for each and any movement., although others can correct me if I'm wrong or have other workflows.


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Yes. That would be the best. Depending on your back you may be able to reuse a LCC with same movements on a different image taken later.

Main issue you might see is a lack of color cast correction between the two shots. But light falloff usually is very similar at least for me.

I found my CCD backs were a bit picky and tended to need a dedicated LCC for at least most frames. But as I moved to CMOS the LCCs seemed to be more forgiving and could apply to multiple images as long as movements were the same.

I keep a huge library of LCC frames and tend to try old ones from a prior shoot along with a LCC taken the day of shot. Only real keys are light at time of LCC and movement need to be very close

The 3100 pushes me quickly back to the XF since the 3100 needed the extra dark frame to be taken whe using the ES. I use ES 100 percent of the time. This really slowed things down. At least for me. Last I checked over two years ago when I upgraded to the IQ4 this was still a requirement for the 3100 as I briefly shot both side by side.

Paul C
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Personally I am terrible at taking notes, and no matter how careful I am always end up with some dust on my sensor within 3 or 4 shoots after cleaning, so I try to shoot LCCs whenever possible, even without shifts sometimes for dust removal. This is on my CMOS back (50 MP). My CCD (22 MP) back did not have any colour cast issues so I never shot LCC.

Bill Caulfeild-Browne

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I shoot LCCs for every shifted frame, but as I build up a collection of presets I may not always do so. I use shift primarily for panoramas and as they're always +12 and-12, I doubt I'll always need new ones. But I'll see - I'm still pretty new to the XT.


I shoot IQ3 100 on WRS. I shoot an LCC after every shift. I don't find that keeping notes works for me and then matching to a database of LCC profiles though that seems like a good way to go too. I also like having the LCC as it provides a frame that let's me know a particular series is done.