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Question on "Raw Therapee" 4.2


I had the Chance to make some Photos with the Phase One 100MP Camera System.
But I have got Problem with my Computer - it is not possible to install the Capture One Software - the new Phocus from Hasselblad also not.
I have to bring my Computer to Service, because I was not able to fix it - will take some Time to get this done.
But I want to compare the Pictures now to those I made with my H3DII50. For that Test I made the same Pictures with both Cameras.
I found the "Raw Therapee" -Software and installed it. I did not Change any Settings of the Software - opened the Files and exported them as 16 bit TIFF, which i than could open in Photoshop CS5.

The Pictures from my Hasselblad look very similar (the same?) compared to TIFF`s that I "produced"with Phocus 2.9, that runs without Problems on my PC.
But the Pictures, that were taken with the Phase One look very poor. The Colours are absolutely not natural - red is really bad.

What have I done wrong - or any Suggestions for a better Raw-Converter?

Thank You for Your Help and excuse my bad English.
I cannot say exactly what is going on, only two things: 1. Raw Therapee is a very powerful, but also very complicated piece of software. 2. A camera like the Phase One is going to be optimized to work with Capture One, as the Hasselblad is going to be optimized to work with Phocus. I don't think it makes all that much sense to compare them without using their own software...
If you do, perhaps you can have them output a tiff directly instead of a raw file? Barring that, you could try Photoshop or Lightroom, but as I said before, Capture One is more or less a part of the camera, so better to just get it working!


Problem is solved by Update to Windows 10.
Capture One and Phocus 3 work!

The Phase One Pictures look much better, when processed with Capture One.

Next Friday I can borrow a H6D50 and a Phase One 50 MPix from local Dealer. Both have the same Sensor - I think.
The H6D100 seems to be not availible.

I will also take my H3DII50 and try, which Pictures look best to me.
I want to see, if CMOS Sensor is better - to me - than the old CCD.
I hope it is - so I can trade up to 100Mpix