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Questions on IQ Styles for the IQ4


Active member
Inspired by the post from "mpsa" last week, I've decided to upload a couple of custom styles into my digital back and so far I'm pretty satisfied, however, today was the first time I've downloaded the images onto my PC, but I found that the file names were all changed to the same names as the original file from which I've created those styles. But C1 won't allow me to create a style without opening an image.

So my question is, how do you guys work around this naming structure? Do you just create a new image with the file name equivalent to your style name? Or is there a way to create a custom style which doesn't force all subsequently taken images to adopt the file name of the original image (from which the style is created)?

At the moment, when I batch export my images from C1, all the file names consists of the original file name plus whatever I've added on, it's quite annoying and I haven't found a workaround. As usual, I'm sure this is user stupidity (on my behalf) more than anything else, look forward to enlightenment, thanks!