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RE: mounting Mamiya 645 IQ140 digital back on Hasselblad V system?


Well-known member
Hi All - so this is a weird question, but since we have lots of entries on adapting Phase one IQ 140 backs to view cameras and the like - is there an adapter plate setup, or modification that can be done to transition a phase one / mamiya AF mounting IQ140 to hasselblad V series? Thanks in advance!



Well-known member
In my knowledge it is not possible or feasible, and by that I mean attatching a Mamiya back to a Hasselblad mount camera. The only adaptable backs with different adapter plates were the Sinarback, eMotion 22 and likes and problably a few generations newer also. You could buy Sinarback specific adapter and exchange it for another adapter.


Workshop Member
No, there are no adapters to adapt a back to the v-series, but if you are looking to use V-series lenses there is a lens adapter to the Mamiya/P1 bodies which works well.



Well-known member
But, of course technical cameras can have different back plates like Graflok adapters for view cameras.