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Remote id for drones is coming sooner than later


Active member

I realize options vary but if you fly a drone you should read this. Current proposal for remote id will require a internet connection to send info to FAA.

If you can’t connect you are limited to restricted fields like a AMA field.

So if you prefer to fly in class G airspace over remote parts of the US in theory you will be flying illegally. Also if you use a smart controller from DJI you won’t be able to get to the internet unless you are near a unlocked WiFi network. Which are not common. DJI seems to feel that sometime in the future they can make software updates to allow drones running DJIGO4 in combination with a cell phone to connect. However if you are in remote class G airspace you will not connect even with cell service as there will be none.

This a huge issue and if you currently fly a drone you need to respond to the FAA feedback section in the article.

In 3 years the plan will be any drone that can’t make a remote id connection will not be allowed to fly anywhere besides a AMA or similar type environment.

Paul C