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Resolution Games


Well-known member
Whew, dodged that bullet for now ... no Bentley or ALPA in my future, for awhile anyway : -)

Just dropped a bundle in my studio ... Got a New USA Profoto D4 2400 and D4 head for $2,000.less than B&H list, added a Profoto Compact 600R kit @ discount ... and 2 large Plume soft-boxes, Kata rolling studio bags, Matthew's boom stand ... yada, yada, yada.

You nature shooters are probably rolling your eyes up in your head ... LOL.

If you do shoot inside, check out Gary Regester's Plume light modifiers ... ingenious.

But it ain't over ...if I can carve out the time, new member Irakly Shandize and I will have Bob Bresson, Leaf's regional rep in studio tomorrow for a demo of the Leaf Afi version of the Hy6.

If we do, we'll report on it in the MF section here.

NEWS: users of the Leaf Aptus 75s should know that the recently released upgrade of Lightroom directly supports Leaf's new loss-less compressed MOS RAW files. The previous Lightroom did not, and required the extra step of using the (slow) Leaf RAW Converter. WhaHooo !


Well-known member
Marc - if you decide to double up on the Schneider glass on top of your H collection...- that will be enough to make up my mind for me.. :)


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We'll see Peter. I'm pretty satisfied with the H system now, and it's only getting better.

My interest in the Hy6 is to replace my aging Mamiya RZ studio system. The RZ Pro-IID has limitations when used with their interface plate and the Aptus. Limitations are hard to swallow at this price level.

My Pal Irakly has a fairly complete Rollei system, and writes gear reviews, so he knows the Rollei way, and is very well versed in digital capture. I think the demo will only be with the standard 80mm Schneider AF lens ... but Irakly is suppose to bring some exotic Rollei glass to try out also.

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
Lightroom has changed , my M8 files are looking better with the new upgrade. Marc keep us updated on that demo and I registered Irakly the other day , nice to have him onboard . Thanks for bringing him in.

David K

Workshop Member
I can see this is going to be an expensive place to hang out. Any of you guys remember the old saying "champagne taste on a beer budget"... how about "Alpa taste on an Alpo budget"