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Revisiting Pure photography teaser ;)

Hulyss Bowman

Active member
We all seen the Nikon teaser's about the Df and many thought their were not that awesome. I wondered how much money Nikon churned out to make those teasers and I think we all agree they put a lot on the table.

Well... days passed, months too.

One day, 4 girls I know from the faculty near my studio came to me with a project. They are in a school where they learn marketing and strategy.

The project was simple, making a 30 seconds teaser about a Nikon DSLR, the D3100 of one of the girls. In my head I was laughing because of the Df teaser and because I never did any video. They will use this video for graduation so it was serious stuff.

I had a look at their scenario and modified it because he was toooo long and complicated to give a message in 30 sec, and I said : OK ... let's do it :) You need to think that the girl speak about her boyfriend and then see that it was the Nikon.

I started to make a pack shoot of the D3100 with the 50f1.2. For that I used Led spots and the SIGMA Dp3m.

Then, the next day, we went in a beautiful home for the shoot. I chose the adequate rooms and placed some powerful halogen spots in and outside the home to have more stable lights. I did the make-up of one of the girls and we finished the briefing before shoot.

After one hour and laughters, all was in the box, 20 sequences all done with the D3100 and the 50f1.2 :

At home, I started to cut n' mount all that stuff on SONY VEGAS PRO and AUDACITY, chosen a free music from Misha Mishenko : Byrjun Vetrar (Neoclassical piano). For the voice, we were not able to record it in the same time so the girl did all her best alone in her home on a little voice recorder. It is not top notch but I managed to cut what I needed.

And here is the result : (Bear in mind, budget is 0.00 US$) Whatch in HD :)

"Here we go, I got you. Facing you, it's instinctive: everyone wins a smile. By your vision I can express myself, I want to see the world through your eyes. I did not hesitate for a second, to the tiniest detail"

Nikon Teaser - YouTube