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Rm3d factum


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It’s a conceptual thing, but It’s about what’s in between me and the subject.
Thanks for testing.
On a Lecia M lens it takes a second. But maybe I can get a Factum for 700€ which is a good price.
This would be indeed very very good price! for that price I would buy it immediately
as a back up to my Rm3.


In you thread ( you moved the 33x44 sensor to 15mm on the HR 35mm - right? I’ asking because there is only 11mm on the official lists.

Second question: The focus ring of the Arca-Swiss seems like a left over from the time bevore live view. Or would you still prefer this solution over the classic focus ring?

I read you are selling a lot of stuff. If you are selling a HR 35mm please pm me.
Where are you based?



Yes a very good price, but the money is in the lenses and the back.

Most all of us in tech cameras have wide levels of experience, and I’ll guess most started with one tech camera and then moved to another. They are very hard to assess remotely, have to see them and try in person.


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I know about the 15mm vs the 30mm and vs the 20mm of the Cambo WTC.
But I checked files made with the Schneider 35mm XL with 15mm shift and it wasn’t really good in my eyes.
Then I saw the 15mm shifted files from the Rodenstock 35mm HR - very good!

The 40mm Rodenstock needs around 20mm shift to get a 28mm full frame view.
So The Cambo would be needed, 20mm shift and cheap but with expensive lenses. And I think the 35mm with less shift is better than the 40mm with more shift.

I never used technical cameras. I have a Leica M with a 28mm PC lens which allows me 10mm shift.

What I don’t know is the workflow of focusing. Arca has a focus ring or the lens has one?
With the Hasselblad CFVii50c I don’t need the cobal0 version - right?
The Factum has now geared shift - how does this work?
How does the tilt work?

A lot of questions...
I suppose Factum shift is not geared. Sharing the same front with RM3Di, focusing and tilt, but separate "fac unit" back side, and the shift does not look like geared.


I don't have one of these but when you posted your question I did a little digging because I'm curious! On a Luminous Landscape review I read that it's 1,800 degrees of rotation (which amounts to 5 turns).

I understand why this would be a concern. Sometimes I'm shooting at infinity, and some times I'm shooting at minimum focus distance for my setup. If you're switching between these distances frequently, it becomes tiresome (but perhaps worth it relative to the other benefits?)
the full 5 turns is not for wider lenses; they reach their specified minimum focus distance within 1-2 turns. You can of course continue to focus it closer if you wish, just like a view camera, but it will be outside of the lens’s optimized range.

I think €700 would be a great but possibly unrealistic price to find one, especially with the “TUM” module (the removable board with the focusing helicoid and lens mount).
I have both RM3Di and Factum and they are both great cameras, but I am considering selling my Factum.
I purchased the Factum to have a small, compact alternative to the RM3Di and perhaps even use it handheld like an Alpa TC or Phase XT, but in practice it is equally useable handheld as the RM3Di is, and I find myself missing having both shift and rise at the same time more often than not.
If I get time this week I should be able to shoot a quick video of focusing my Rodenstock 32 from infinity to close focus to give you an idea.


I suppose Factum shift is not geared. Sharing the same front with RM3Di, focusing and tilt, but separate "fac unit" back side, and the shift does not look like geared.
You are correct; the Factum is not geared, which is actually quite fast if you are stitching.


I shot some videos of going from infinity to close focus (2 feet) and back to infinity on my 32 HR, 43 XL, and 60 XL. Each rotation that my hands do is ~180 degrees (less in the 32 due to its size stopping me from the same range of motion). Reaching close focus distance is approximately 320 degrees for the 32, 560 degrees for the 43, and a laborious 1150 degrees for the 60.

I imagine the 35 would be just a bit more rotation Than the 32 but I’m not sure.
Please PM me if you would like a link to the video. (usm I will send you a link).


Although going from infinity to close focus requires more turns than other systems I have never found this to be a bother... I usually will be within the same range for a shoot and almost never shoot at minimum focus distance. Usually hyperfocal or medium range, which does not require much turning. I do love the precision that the focus system affords.