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Rollei 150 mm lens non PQ but looks to be upgraded how do I tell?


Rollei 150 mm lens non PQ but looks to be upgraded how do I tell? It has the more modern focus ring and has no delay in the shutter firing unlike how I remember the old lenses on the 6008 I use to own. Is there a way to know for sure?


New member
It seems that there are some non-pq lenses with the more modern focus ring around. If you have a camera on hand that supports PQ functions you can of course check if the thing gives you correct open-aperture meter readings. If it does, it's PQ, if it doesn't it's a plain pre-PQ lens with a fancy focus ring (which means you get bragging rights for having a relatively rare lens ;)).

Other than that (or measuring the communication with an oscilloscope, i.e. a more roundabout but fun way of doing the same thing), I can't think of another way to know for sure.

Oh and there are also the Rolleigons/Rolleinars (can't remember what exactly they're called): those are functionally pre-PQ, but always have a focus ring that looks similar to the modern ones (but is often wider). If you have that, then you can disregard what I said above.