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S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

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Wow!!! The diversity and the quality of those images are wonderful!

Thanks so much, Matt, and Mat!:):):)

Your creativity is inspiring and I realized that I need to "loosen up" and do what I have found works best for me: If "I see something, go with it!"...

Over the last 12 months, I have been outcome-focused with pre-planned destinations and motifs. Stress seems to have altered my perception of things.:loco:

And snow! In the middle of a heat wave, Matt, posting those images was brilliant!:)

Mat, northern lights are stunning, of course, and contrast beautifully with the image of automatic weapons.

Thank you for the inspiration, guys, after a few hours of sleep last night, I feel optimistic about the direction we are heading in at the moment!:thumbup:

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Okay, tomorrow promises to be a really boring sunny day.:)

No interesting weather or even dramatic skies are in the forecast... so, I will look for falling waters, which is difficult in these parts with flat terrain. I have my 95mm adapter ring packed with the Nisi holder and 100 FH Ultra ND Filter, so all I need is to grab my bag and tripod and head out.:)

Hope you guys have a nice day ahead!:thumbup:

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The Way of the S.


Gorgeous images... from the pure simplicity of an exquisite instrument from excellent photographers....:)

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Well, I did manage to get a nice pano... not of falling waters but just upstream of them.

Still trying to figure how to post a reasonable jpeg of the 3-image stitch.:cussing:

I think I am just too tired...

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Speaking of music, it is tiring to be a one-man band who is house-bound.

Anyone else wanting to share in the symphony of the S, we await your presentation. The noise all around us is getting to be too much for me.

Meanwhile I finally got my 93mm ring adapter to use my one and only, excellent Firecrest Ultra 10-stop ND Filter with my Nisi filter holder. Superb quality filter btw. This morning I finessed the foam to prevent light leaks and I could not be happier with it. Today, I will do some more car maintenance in anticipation of chasing falling/flowing/still waters in the mountains in a few weeks. Until then, not much in store for new captures.

What is everyone else doing today?:)


A few more, hopefully nobody is bored with my continued posting, too good a camera not to enjoy.

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Mat, perfect timing!:)

Today, I can certainly use these beautiful images to daydream a little bit. Here it is a hot, sultry summer day. It is the kind of day that just saps your energy and gives you a great excuse for a midday nap on the couch.

I love these images, thanks for sharing!!!:thumbs:


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I still like the S system. This is from a few weeks ago in Norway.

Unfortunately, my S2 and S(006) have sensor corrosion. So I'm stuck with a white elephant of a system as Leica won't repair the sensors without a significant charge for the change. Ggrrrrrr. Nothing like being a proponent of the system from the beginning and then getting stuck with a faulty product.


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Kurt, these are terrific black and white images! I must try some as well.:)
Are you using any special processing for the final images?


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Thanks Dave. I use Silver Efex. What's great about S2 and S(006) images (I haven't tried the S(007) to compare) is that I've always felt that the CCD gives you a lot of wiggle room to push the files in a lot of different directions. Of course I've been bitten by the corroded sensor issue ... so for now it's the spot healing brush until the sensors become unworkable.

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Kurt, how much would a replacement CCD cost?

For me, that's one of the reasons a traded my S2-P in for an S007.
FYI, a Leica Rep quoted $3500 for S 006 recently upon inquiry regarding a back-up body... And IIRC, $7800 for an upgrade to S 007 (new or used? I don't know).

Not a bad price (approx price of an S lens) if you want to keep your present S body, but no idea how long the replacement sensors will be available.
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Kurt's wonderful b/w images remind me that several months back I was communicating with a technician about converting an S2 with a corroded sensor to monochrome by removing cover glass and then the Bayer filter. Afterwards he actually went ahead and bought a corroded S2 at a bargain price, but I'm not sure if he's gone into the sensor yet.

If an "S2 Monochrom" is possible and practical, it'll be a nice way to salvage corroded CCD bodies. The catch I believe is that stripping those layers would also disable the autofocus functionality.

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A few street portraits with the S2 from several years ago in the Philippines. The S2 and S006 are very, very underrated in what they can offer in terms of black and white.
Love the black and white images! I really need to get back to doing that soon.:thumbup: