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S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots


Beautifully rendered. Wonderful composition.

If I may ask, where was this .... what part of Florida?
Hi Fotografz:

Thank you for the compliment. The photo was taken in south Florida, suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale.

Curiously, I was debating whether to sell my S 24mm, but after having some morning fun with it decided I could not.

Regards, Rob


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Here are a few snaps from the SL2 launch in Sydney last night all shot with my 75L cron and SL2 @ ISO 5000-6400 processed in C1 s a generic DNG file as there is no profile (yet) no post processing except B&W conversion , no sharpening , noise reduction etc....

I've only had the camera for a few days now since the weekend but I'm very happy with IBIS and extra depth I get in more megapixels - pretty happy with high ISO shooting capability tbh - even though I am not a big user of high ISO.


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here are a few snaps from the sl2 launch in sydney last night all shot with my 75l cron and sl2 @ iso 5000-6400 processed in c1 s a generic dng file as there is no profile (yet) no post processing except b&w conversion , no sharpening , noise reduction etc....

i've only had the camera for a few days now since the weekend but i'm very happy with ibis and extra depth i get in more megapixels - pretty happy with high iso shooting capability tbh - even though i am not a big user of high iso.

Nice images... thanks for sharing.:thumbup:



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Ah... I just looked up and realized it is Christmas Eve. And I have not posted much lately mainly because I have been far too busy and uninspired which is not unusual for this time of year. Short days and short on inspiration.

What is not short by any measure is the Leica S.

It is surreal that this once lively thread filled with amazing images now languishes.

Such is the nature of the forum beast. Sad.

However, those who no longer post have largely moved on. But the images posted here are still excellent which begs the question of what is everyone searching for?

The perfect camera?

The perfect image?

Nothing is perfect.

So, on a day of reflection, there are so many things more important than photography gear. But it is necessary for me to express my own inner being through visual images. That expression, like the inordinate tunes emanating from my acoustic guitar, help me with my writing. My writing helps me with life.

My imperfect life. Telling that story does not require perfection. It only requires me to be, well, a photographer.:)

That is enough!:thumbup:

Merry Christmas to all, and may the New Year be better because of each of us.:grin:


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Dave, absolutely loved almost everything about the S006, except the weight. And it was a bit bulky. Ergonomics, OVF and those gorgeous lenses were all exceptional. Just too freakin’ heavy. Same complaint with Hasselblad H series.
Both cameras terrific landscape choices - but I’ve moved on to something lighter and more portable.
Best to you in the new year.


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Dave, thank you for that image. It is very evocative of a little trip I made with the late Bob Sutherland in his 1930 Maserati 8C-3000 to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in the 1989 Colorado Grand (the very first one!) along roads similar to the one you photographed. I have several slide pictures, hanging out the side, of the spoked wheels kicking up dust as we made our progress so it was very period. I was in the “riding mechanic’s” seat and I had an actual job which was to watch the fuel pressure gauge and when it dropped to a certain level I pumped a hand pump to bring it back up. A historic car and an experience which will stay with me always.
I apologize for being nostalgic but on this particular day I tend to reminisce a bit.

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Oh, wow! What a great story!!! Sure beats any story I ever had in my MGTD!:)

John, you amaze me with the little glimpses I have seen so far. You must be a real enthusiast for proper motorcars and real sports cars!!! IMO... the definition of sports cars is not even relevant to contemporary usage.:):):)

I would love to see some of your photographs and hear more of your personal accounts of such adventures!:thumbup: