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Schneider 35mm XL with Leaf Credo 50 vs Hasselblad CFVii50c


Active member
Here are two LCC shots, both are with 15mm rise. The Credo50 was mounted on a Cambo WRS with a SK 35 XL lens. The CFVii50c was on a Linhof Techno with SK 35 XL lens.

The Sensor should be the same. Both shots are showing the sensor tiling, but in a different strength. The Credo50 file is more or less the same from left to right. The file from the CFVii50c is much stronger on the left side. Which makes a 15mm shifted image harder to accept than the file from the Credo50.

because of the histogram correction there are strange colours and a lot of dust.

My question:
Why is the Hasselblad LCC so strange? Can it be a misalignment from the lens and/or from the Linhof Techno?
Usually the use of a pancake camera helps to keep the lens and the sensor aligned.

CF015333 f11_60_x0y15 LCC 3000.jpgSK35XL 210416 047 f11_x0y15 CCW0 LCC 3000.jpg


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With proper calibration, either sensor should show minimal tiling. The amount of shift you have used will tend to make tiling issue more noticeable. You might need to have the back serviced by Hasselblad to see if they can correct the tiling to some degree. All of my Phase backs, tended to show a bit of tiling with Schnieder lenses, 43mm and 35mm. However extreme amounts were corrected with calibration by Phase, (IQ160,260, both CCD). The 3100 did not seem to show this issue.