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Schneider Kreuznach 120mm variations (for tech cam)

I've been looking at tech cam lenses with medium-longer focal length to add to my Alpa kit. The SK-120mm image samples I've seen here and other places have caught my eye many times. They seem very sharp with a pleasing characteristics in their results.

Does anyone here have experience with these and know what the pros/cons might be with Symmar/APO-Helvetar/APO-Digitar versions? It seems a shame they have been discontinued, at least in Alpa mounts anyways. Have they been replaced by superior alternatives?


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There are several versions of this lens as you're no doubt aware. I can only speak to the 120/5.6 APO Digitar (non-ASPH) version which I find to be an excellent lens in the field. I shoot it with my Actus DB+ but it would be the same on any of the platforms.

Back in 2013 Schneider did produce the 120/5.6 APO-Digitar ASPH which was apparently a new redesign for higher resolution sensors. Given the choice, that's what I'd go for these days if you can find one.

There is also the M variant specifically designed for macro use.

As far as newer versions, there aren't any since Schneider stopped making technical camera lenses a few years ago and so what you see out there in the market is all there is ...


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I have the 120/5.6 APO-Digitar ASPH and it is stellar. Haven't used the older non ASPH M or N versions so can't speak about those.
Here's an image shot with the IQ160.



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I have the Aspherical version of the 120mm - its a very impressive lens. Since I mostly shoot with longer lenses this fits perfectly with a 3 lens setup (72,120,180). There are lots of satisfied users of the prior version "N" so if you happen to come across one you may want to seriously consider it.



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I have the 120/5.6 APO ASPH in Arca mount and it is a fantastic lens. Small in size and very large IC and great IQ. As far as I know this was the last version they made.