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Seeing and the Environment


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Although my 2009 Mac Pro works, it's becoming increasingly limited
Yes, this is a problem, very Apple related. I was browsing every day on OS X Snow Leopard until 2019 when I upgraded to OS X Sierra, both computer and OS X. Still, my PCs from 2000 are running Windows 10 without limitations, other than being notoriously slow. But I would mostly blame Apple for computer obsolescence. Cameras, the more important thing, do not yet have such inherent limitations, but as you say it can be the case in the future. I hope it won't. I use digital backs from 2005 without problems.
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I am encouraged by the civil discussions in this thread. I hope that it will continue. For some time now I have been concerned that civility had been assassinated. As photographers we posses a unique skill. In general most individuals "look without seeing", walking along seeing just enough to avoid the objects that they do not want to run into. We have the ability analyze the scene before us and contemplate what it means to us. Yes, I too admit that I avoid depicting things that are not visually appealing. Perhaps it's time for a second look, time to improve my own vision and to present it in a meaningful way. Time to refocus.

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Sometimes, we overlook the beauty in imperfection.:)

Other times we fail to protect what we should in order to preserve it for others to enjoy.

And still there are those of us who do not have the freedom, or resources, or the means to travel to iconic locations as either a tourist or professional. But, I need to find a way to contribute to the overall journey to a better place regarding environmental awareness and improvement.

That is the essence of this thread for me.

Thank you all for your thoughts so far and I hope this thread will be of some benefit as we begin a New Year.:)
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