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Short slider (8Inches) 20cm is long enough for interview B roll?


Hey guys!

Is a short slider (8 Inches) 20cm long enough for interview B roll? I am debating between the short affordable Edelkrone SliderOne or the longer Slider Plus motorized sliders.

Please help! Thx!!!

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
For interviews (one person) it's probably fine, but once you have it, you will probably use it for other applications as well, applications for which 20cm might be a bit short. That said, if you shoot 4K or more and edit in 1080, you have the option of adding more movement in post, which is what I often do. In my experience, that works better for groups than for one person interviews though.

Since I'm mostly a one man team, I rarely take time to set up a slider, but use several cameras in fixed position instead. Works for me :)

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
Due to an upcoming assignment, I'm buying a slider too. Totally different use from the OP though, yacht interiors, so I'm probably going for a GVM GP-120QD. For long sliders, they seem to represent the best value for money, relatively silent, great parallax functionality, uses NP-style batteries and is powerful enough to be used vertically, at least with my MFT cameras.