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Show or tell us: your OMD with grip (Oly or Milich)

Diane B

New member
HAving the Oly grip and using the shutter release on the grip all the time I wonder how good you reach the shutter release button with the JM grip?
I have medium women's hands. I actually find it more ergonomically 'right' for using the shutter button as well as the two dials--it allows me to move my fingers a bit forward and up if I'm describing it well. I tried John's technique of resting the second finger on the top of the grip, using index and thumb for the two dials and index for shutter. It should be comfortable for a man I would think. To add--it takes a bit of practice for a short time--or for me because I needed to learn a bit different hand hold.

For those that are thinking of the combo-- I'm a two handed shooter and I decided leaving the L bracket on the left all the time actually made it more comfortable for my left palm.

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Active member
That sounds great Diane, I'm waiting for the customs and postal service and I'm looking forward to mount John's grip.


Sorry for bring up this old thread, but has anyone tried the RSS grip? Looks like it works with their plates and comes in black or silver.


I bought the RRS grip/L-plate setup after it became readily available as I was fed up with removing the HLD-6 grip to change batteries. Plus, I have wanted a good L-plate option. I liked it so much that I sold my HLD-6.


New member
Has anyone tried the Gariz leather case for the OMD? It has a metal base with cut out so that the battery hatch can be accessed without removing the case.
It also protects the camera body from knocks and scrapes. ;)

I use a Gariz case on my Fuji X1Pro and it is very well made and does exactly as it says on the tin. You might even get a bit of change from the cost of a 3rd party hand grip!

Details at
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Jan Brittenson

Senior Subscriber Member
John's grip looks perfect... I don't know if you read this John, but have you considered making the hand piece out of wood? Piano black hardwood would look equally slick, but feel very different from a thermal standpoint, metal being an efficient heat conductor.


Workshop Member
Actually I did make one with a mahogany grip; the user was is Sweden and was worried about the cold!


Workshop Member
For my OM-D I actually own both, the RRS when I want to. Shot on a tripod which I find I hardly ever do and the Olympus grip, yeah it's a hasel to change batteries yet I really like the fit of it in my hands.

Jim's grips is also excellent,I have one on my sigma dp2m


I really like the look of John's and the RRS grips, but shipping one over to the UK seemed like false economy, and the Gariz (which I own) just doesn't have enough to grab hold of for my liking, even though it is nice.

I recently finished building my own grip for the E-M5, total cost £13.14 for materials and a little time and patience!

Was a fun project and really helps with the handling, feels so much more secure in the hand now, especially with the bigger lenses obviously.

You can read how and why on my blog;

OMD E-M5 DIY Grip | Top Travel Gear

Peter Klein

New member
I am very happy with John Milich's grip. I have very big hands and long fingers, and the grip really makes the camera comfortable to handle.

One piece of advice: Keep the little Allen wrenches that John sends you in your camera bag. Especially if you travel by air. I was on a trip recently, and the grip loosened, I think because of vibrations on the airplane. Because the screw that holds the grip in place has a hexagonal head, you can't just tighten it with a dime. And a loose grip is worse than no grip at all. Wobble, wobble. Where are those wrenches? Oh, bleep, I left them on the table when I was packing my camera bag.

Fortunately, I was able to take the loose grip off the camera using the pointed end of a nail file. I shot without the grip one night. The next day, a hotel clerk kindly loaned me a set of Allen wrenches, and after a bit of tightening, all was well again.

Nothing wrong with John's grip, just remember to have the proper tool around when away from home base.