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Sigma DP1 Merrill Shots


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These images are from the process. Here are the threads on DPR that I followed with more detail first thread to remove the hot mirror and second showing how to get under the hot shoe.

Sigma DP1m Prepped by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

The patient by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Insides revealed by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

The hot mirror that I removed is the "red" glass here. It is actually cyan when removed, the red is a reflection. From the first instructions, I thought I could remove the mount here, but the screws were threadlocked with something, so in the end I broke the glass to extract it. It's easy to do this accidentally I think since the glass is only 1mm thick. Then just peeled off the rubber glue. Obviously, this is not reverseable :)

Merrill Foveon Sensor Block with Hot Mirror by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

And finally some DP1m images. First, before modification:

Visible spectrum hydrangea (pre-modification) by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

After modification and custom white-balance, full spectrum results! I made some exposure/contrast tweaks to the images below, but no channel swapping or large hue adjustments. It looks like these out of camera with no filter. One big benefit of modding this camera compared to an SD is you can see the IR results in live view. Adding various color filters and infrared filters can yield different looks.

Full spectrum hydrangea (post-modification) by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Backyard in full spectrum by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Backyard in full spectrum by Graham Gibson, on Flickr


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Capturing Infrared in the Alternate Forum would also be a great place for these.

Ah, thanks for pointing me to that thread :)

I will share some images there. I picked up some color filters to play with, and will have some more to share soon.

One more full spectrum shot. Fun to see the yellow come through pretty much normally here.

Full Spectrum Daisies by Graham Gibson, on Flickr


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Mimicking the yellow vegetation of the bayer sensor channel swap on a foveon sensor is quite different. Using a Hoya Red 25A filter limits the range of colors while still retaining some separation in the foliage to achieve results like below. I don't have a consistent process nailed down yet. While the aerochrome reds I posted above are pretty close to the image on the live view screen, using a red filter makes everything look completely red so it requires some creative visualization. I like the result though, what do you think?

Lion in Gold by Graham Gibson, on Flickr
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More experiments: the Hoya 25A filter cuts around 590nm. Results are completely red in-camera so it is harder to compose, focus, and meter. It's even easier to blow highlights, so underexposing is usually necessary. Most other colors are gone but with a custom WB and Foveon Classic Blue color, I found it possible to get blue skies back. Combining this with a CPL should result in dark blue skies.

Some redwoods by Graham Gibson, on Flickr