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Sigma Quattro Images

Rachael Alice

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Too good all pics are. Really amazing collection of Quattro images. Location, Background, Objects all are perfect for marvelous photography.


New member
There really is a scarcity of Quattro images on here — more discerning than the DPreview forum :confused:
I shot Lo-res for 2 years because Hi-res' IQ didn't do anything for me but... I've finally produced an image that I'm happy with. Exported a neutral TIFF from SPP i.e, Detail and Sharpening 0.00, minimum NR and converted to monochrome using Iridient; no NR but 2-stage sharpening technique.

The Ogwen Twins — Flickr

Shame that the lighting was as flat as a pancake but you get what you're given unfortunately, this is more technical than art.


Winter is here. And rare snow fall in Oxfordshire, UK.

dp3 Quattro. First is a single X3F and the second is a stitch. Processed in SPP and then Lightroom. Both ISO 100