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Sigmevolution - From THE Dp1 to a Dp1

Hulyss Bowman

Active member
Maybe some of you remember the original DP1 ? Was the first APS-C compact camera ever created and it was a very fun camera to use. Of course the foveon effect was a deep blast, more than the SD9 to be frank.

So here is a retrospective made by Yoshimori Shinya who still have the original DP1, with raws available and all.

Sigma DP1 & dp1 Quattro

Personally I find a sort of regression in the general feeling of what should be a compact foveon camera. With the Quattro we lost it completely and I hope further designs will be more conventional. Have a good read.

My very first model in full rez -

Having tried every trick possible with the Q (low res, down sized ...blablabla), you can't come close to what the original Foveon was able to do.