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Sinar sinaron digital HR question


I wanted to ask if somebody here has any experience with these Sinaron HR lenses in their sinar shutters. I was offered a kit of 3 (35, 45, 100) at less than 2k euro, but they are mounted in electronic shutters, I suppose they were meant for Sinar P3. It would be easy to convert them to Copal shutter?


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Another question: what differs in this pink line series vs the green line?
there are no HR lenses with green strip. All HR lenses have pink strip.
Only older Apo Sironar Digital lenses like 4,5/ 35,45,55 have the green strip. they are simply older than the pink that follow them. the lens design is the same. only couting changes are possible.
to Sinaron HR lenses:
there are different versions of these lenses, in different sinar boards and shutters. some versions can be rebuild to copal shutters some not!
they cant be rebuild even not by Rodenstock- or the costs will be as high as a new lens.
Anyway all Rodenstock HR lenses must be calibrated in a new shutter by Rodenstock to achieve the best optical performance- otherway the great glass make no sence.